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gerard way icons
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Welcome to gerardway_icons, this is an icon community for the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way.
1. You must post a direct link to the icons.
2. The icons must be your own work! they cannot be someone elses.
3. You can request icons here.
4. NO fangirls, dont come to a place your not wanted.
5. DO NOT post unless it is to post or request icons.
6. ALL posts must be either MCR or Gerard related.
7. DO NOT promote other communities here unless it is Gerard/MCR related.
8. Please do not hotlink any of the icons, upload them to your own server.
9. DO NOT post a link to icons at a private journal. If your posting here it must be public all the time.
10. Break any rules, fight with another member, bad-mouth MCR or Gerard and you will be kicked out of the community. These rules are really just common sense.

Want to be an affilate? comment on a post and let me know.
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